Sleeping Wonder

A film about love and diversity, by Alberto Rizzi

Like a newborn Alice, thrown between the wrinkles of a reality changing into a dream, a young girl crosses the threshold of a hidden world, heading for a new understanding of the meaning of love.

Sleeping Wonder is a Bildungsroman dealing with the theme of diversity through symbolic and oniric impressions.

The real disabled person is the one who fails to love.

SLEEPING WONDER is a short film written and directed in 2015 by Alberto Rizzi and produced by Ippogrifo Produzioni e Amici del Tesoro.

CAST: Lino Guanciale, Chiara Mascalzoni, Cesar Brie, Ida Marinelli, Alessandra Faiella and i Tesori.

Photography: Michele Brandstetter de Bellesini AIC
Sound: Davide Saggioro
Director: Alberto Rizzi


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