International day of persons with disabilities

Showing diversity thru cinematography

SLEEPING WONDER a movie film created with and for people with disabilities.

 A partnership between “Amici del Tesoro”, organization that focuses on the care and improvement of quality in the life of people with disabilities and their families’s, and a center for independent productions of movies and theater plays, Ippogrifo Produzioni.

For several years now, veronese director and dramatist Alberto Rizzi, has known and worked with “Amici del Tesoro”. Alberto has created with and for them several theater workshops which always ended with a play or show involving “I Tesori (Our Treasures)” meaning the kids with disabilities from the organization, their friends, families and other supporters, integrating a great working synergy between the people with and without disabilities.

A few years ago, thanks to the great foresight of Amici del Tesoro’s founder Carlo Boscaini (to whom the short film Sleeping Wonder – Short Movie is in memory of) and volunteer Rita Marchiori’s dedication, the idea to produce a movie instead of the usual theater play at the end of the year, was born. Instead of the innate extemporaneity of theater, a film would “have stayed” to continue echoing the message of solidarity and love a lot better than a one-night-only type of show.

Alberto has then accepted this request writing, as the title suggests, a dreamlike film pretty far from a documentary. Although the main subject is indeed disability in this case is intended more as a special feature, a feature that sets everyone apart from each other, defining every individual as special and unique.

Making a movie in a partnership-type situation is a result of a slow and complex process, but not that difficult in the end. The joint workshops between “Amici del Tesoro” (non-profit organization dedicated to kids with disabilities and their families) and Ippogrifo Produzioni (a center for independent productions of movies and theater plays) has enhanced the qualities and skills of each element involved in the project resulting in a workshop of total inclusion.

The real key message of the movie came out during a brain storming session between the kids with disabilities, the volunteers and the Ippogrifo guys: The real disabled person is the one who fails to love.

The research and cooperation did not end there though: each screenshot of Sleeping Wonder paints in poetic and indirect outcome, the greatest fears for “I Tesori (Our Treasures)”. Fears that statistically match those of the kids with disabilities (and children’s in general) like: darkness, night time, water, getting lost, strangers, the loss of a parent. Each and every kind of fear has been amazingly translated onto a location for each one of the scenes of the short film, leading “I Tesori” thru the necessary work to face them: talking about them first, addressing them then.

After several meeting and specific workshop were held to address each different type of “wrench” that could be thrown into their works, “I Tesori” were finally able to step on set. A personal and collective victory that still today, almost two years after the shootings, excites both the kids and volunteers. Thanks to this working collaboration and the inclusive workshops the kids were able to overcome major challenges reaching levels of confidence and self-esteem that have exceeded all expectations.

The Ultimate Focus in this short film collaboration was on “Dopo di noi” (What happens after) main concern for Amici del Tesoro who just unveiled “La Casa di Carlo” (Carlo Boscaini’s house). Sleeping Wonder’s final scene which is delicately played with pathos by Cesar Brie.

Sleeping Wonder is in fact a short film that not only features on the big screen “Amici del Tesoro” and Ippogrifo Produzioni, but also and well-known theater and movie actors that have joined this project with energy and enthusiasm starting from the aforementioned Cesar Brie and Lino Guanciale, Ida Marinelli, Alessandra Faiella working aside Chiara Mascalzoni, Ippogrifo’s main actress and star of the film. Featured kids from Amici del Tesoro: Diego, Angelo, Andrea and many more.

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